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A new book promises to help people with their property marketing efforts by revealing the tricks of the home staging trade.

Consider it Sold: Home Staging Strategies for a Quick and Profitable Sale is the latest project from professional home stager Shannon Weber of consultancy In Fine Order, who has teamed up with writer and editor Joanne Sanche to create the 170-page guide to styling homes for property marketing purposes.

The interiors expert has spent the last six years staging people’s home for property marketing purposes and so has been able to ascertain which techniques are really effective when it comes to selling houses.

Stager Offers Insight into Property Marketing Process

The property marketing consultant offers sellers the expected instructions on how to stage their spaces, but she also offers a deeper insight into the selling process by looking at the psychology behind home sales.

Her section on buyer behaviour helps sellers to understand how house hunters are viewing their home, as well as offering advice on how they can detach themselves emotionally from a home in which they may have invested a lot of time and energy.

Interior Photography Showcases Successful Styling

The easy-to-use guide offers home sellers at-a-glance advice on all aspects or staging, styling and organisation as well as featuring useful before and after interior photography to show readers the possible results.

Consider It Sold: Home Staging Strategies for a Quick and Profitable Sale can be purchased online at infineorder.ca/stagingbook, Amazon.com and the Apple iBookstore. The property marketing guide is available in PDF, eBook, and print versions.