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Before Home Staging

Home Stager “Sells” Property to its Existing Owners!

If you’ve ever wondered about the validity of the popular property marketing practice of home staging, wonder no more. Staging is, apparently,  so effective, that it can even sell a home to its existing owners – as evidenced by an anecdote from San Francisco Bay Area-based home stager Toni Berry, of Marie Antoinette Interiors.

An experienced interiors expert, Ms Berry offers staging services for vendors who are looking to primp and preen their homes for property marketing purposes, usually in anticipation of a sale. However, the interior expert worked such magic on one California home that the owners pulled out of their planned move and decided to stay!

Staging Results Surprise Homeowners

On her own blog Ms Berry said: “I was hired to stage a home for sale by the homeowners. When the job was done they were so thrilled with the results, they just couldn’t believe it was the same home they had been in for 20 years! They liked it so much they backed out of the offer on the new home and decided to stay in their old home that had just been staged.”

Professional Eyes See Property Potential

The result just goes to show how the eyes of a professional can see the true potential of any property and help homes to be the best they possibly can – if staging can help owners fall back in love with a home they have tired of, just imagine the effect it can have on that all important first impression!

After Home Staging