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We’ve been saying it for years, but it is nice to hear it coming from the mouths of other influential people in our industry – high quality photography is essential for selling houses.

This week Andy Hatoum of property search engine Placebuzz went on the record with The Guardian to emphasize the importance of professionally created imagery in the sale of houses.

The property marketing expert was speaking out in response to the publication’s question: “Why do estate agents use such awful pictures?”, which places the blame for poor quality property photography squarely in the laps of estate agents who are choosing to cut corners and self shoot homes for sale.

Sales Suffer From Bad Property Pictures

However, according to the property search site co-founder, homeowners who allow themselves to be fobbed off with substandard interior photography and exterior imagery will find that their sales suffer as a result, since listings using underwhelming images simply cannot compete in the online environment.

He told reporter Harvey Jones: “We have more than 1m properties advertised on our site, and even after buyers filter their searches by price band and location, they may still be faced with a string of similar-looking properties. You need to make yours stand out, and high-quality photography is essential.”

Homeowners Should Demand Professional Property Photography

The article seems (thankfully!) to agree and advises readers that they are within their rights to demand that appropriate property photography be used for their online home listing – even if they have to fund the professional property shoot from their own pocket.

Here at Photoplan, we really believe that professional property photography services are worth the investment, with 10 years experience resulting in a long list of satisfied (and sold!) clients in our property pictures portfolio.

However, we also realise that different property owners are working to different budgets, which is why we offer a range of image creation and post production property photography services that sellers can choose from to augment their estate agents property marketing package.

  • Property Photo Shoots: We can offer a full property photography service, capturing any or all areas of your home as desired. Prices vary according to time spent, size of property, number of images required etc.
  • Image Editing for Home Sales: If you have already committed to property photography but  feel that the results of this, your own efforts or those of your estate agent are not up to par, then we can offer a post production picture editing service where images are carefully enhanced and retouched  to make the most of your homes natural assets. This is a great service for images that are dark, dull or poorly framed as our expert editors will work with what is available to help your homes appeal to shine through.

Whatever the size or price of your property, we truly believe that your sale will benefit from the inclusion of professionally created or edited property photography contact the Photoplan team now to find out how we can help.