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Heed Your Buyers – What Sellers Can Learn from Listening to House Hunters

For property owners who looking to sell their homes, the viewing can be a double-edged sword. While vendors know that it is a necessary part of the property marketing process to open up their home to those who may be interested in buying, at the same time it can be hard to allow strangers to enter and pass judgement on personal spaces.

While one school of thought is that viewings should be left to the property marketing professionals, with homeowners making themselves scarce when potential purchasers are around, the other option open to vendors to see viewings as an opportunity to hone their home in property marketing terms.

Gauge Reactions to Rooms

Listening to house hunters reactions as they tour the rooms can be a great way to get invaluable feedback on what areas of your home are appealing and which may be off-putting. However, in order for this strategy to work vendors will need to be able to take a step back from seeing the home as an extension of themselves and simply look on it as a commodity to be traded.

Hearing Viewer Feedback

Accompanying possible buyers through the rooms of a home, sellers can listen to the words they are using (for example, a room with “great potential” in buyers’ eyes is not necessarily living up to what it could be) as well as checking out their body language as they enter spaces – as they are likely to have a more emotional and instinctive reaction to spaces when on site than they might by simply looking at property photography or 360 virtual tours online.