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It’s the dream ticket – a photo, web video or blog post that hits a nerve with the online audience and does the impossible: goes viral.

For an estate agent or home seller, featuring in some way in a piece of viral content is worth thousands of advertising dollars, both in terms of the potential clients and buyers reached directly, and often the on and offline commentary from general and industry publications.

“How can I create viral content for property marketing?” We hear you ask…

Creating Viral Content for Property Marketing

Well, the answer is, you need to be in it to win it, which means maintaining a current and active online presence covering everything from blogging to social media profiles and using trial and error to work out what really works for your audience.

As with all things internet viral content is something fluid and ephemeral, it can be hard to grasp the mood of the internet in advance, and efforts to benefit from an existing meme (such as the recent Harlem Shake craze) can be hit and miss.

Indeed, internet users are now so savvy that they can spot attempts to influence audience behaviour a mile off, with many running a mile from any kind of content they consider to be manipulative. (Don’t believe us? Just check out the Condescending Corporate Brand for examples of companies who have been publicly outed for their shameless subversion of online trends for professional purposes!)

Tips for Creating Popular Social Media and Blog Posts

Valuable viral content cannot be created from a formula based on previous experience, you need to be doing something new, exciting and engaging online at all times to be in with a chance of becoming the next big thing…

That being said, there are some common elements that crop up time and time again in viral content – which could help you with your online property marketing goals.

  • Inspire Awe: If people are awestuck studies show they are much more likely to hit that share button. Think great property photography of beautiful houses, wonderfully edited web videos and area guides, or truly sensational virtual tours.
  • Get Emotional: There are few processes more emotionally fraught than the purchase of a home – use this to your advantage – depict the emotion, make your content connect –  emotionally rich posts have a greater chance at viral spread.
  • Be Useful: Tell people something they need to know, show them how to sell a house, offer advice for house hunters – practical posts perform better online – but make it new and fresh. Say it louder, say it funnier, just say it differently from everyone else.