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Well it’s Mothering Sunday folks and we wanted to take this opportunity to send our best wishes to all the special women out there who make the world go round for their children, step-children, and children in law! You are AMAZING!

But have you ever thought about how much of an influence your offspring have on your property preferences?

A LOT – that’s how much.

Remember back before there was another generation to worry about? Your property searches were based solely on aesthetics and whim. For example – poring over property brochures and interior photography might have gone a bit like this…

“Oooh, darling, come and look at this crumbling water mill ripe for conversion! What a FUN project this will be!”

Or maybe:

“Check out this fantastic minimalist loft – look the staircase is just a hole in the floor, how very trendy, and there’s no clutter at all – we could do that!”

You might have scoured the social media sites and magazines for hints as to the next up-and-coming area in the hopes of making your property millions…

“Yes, I know it’s just one big red spot on the online crime map,” you told your own mother when she called to voice her concerns. “But that’s part of what makes it so edgy – all the hipsters will be queuing up to buy it a few years from now…”

And then you had a child.

And house hunting became this.

“No, no, no! We can’t move anywhere with hard edges or steep stairs or ponds or streams or main roads…”

“I’m not sure there is room in this living room for the baby gym, bouncer, moses basket, bumbo, playpen and walker….”

“I know it’s a quarter of a million more expensive than the one two minutes down the road but we need to buy something within 0.3 miles of St Learnalots if we are to be in with even the slightest chance of place come 2021…”

Happy Mother’s Day all!!  Happy house hunting and remember – you wouldn’t have it any other way!!