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Are you thinking about selling your house? Put off marketing your property by the idea that homes don’t sell in winter? Don’t be – there’s still plenty of people looking for the perfect property. Property marketing portal Rightmove received more than 500,000 visits on Christmas Day alone last year, demonstrating that there really are some die hard winter house hunters out there who could potentially purchase YOUR property – Yippy Ki Yay! And, according to This is Money – there are a range of reasons why winter property marketing can be a sucessful endeavour including:

  • -Less homes on the market, or being actively marketed – the traditional wisdom states that marketing a home in winter is unlikely to be successful, believing that people have other things to think about at this time of year, and many people are put of marketing their properties by this line of thinking. Because of this, there are less properties on the market and for those that are on the market, many homeowners have taken their eye off of the property selling ball – meaning the savvy seller has an excellent opportunity to really push their property to any potential buyers that there are.
  • -Winter house hunters  likely to be serious buyers – of course it is true that many people are busy with the holidays and don’t want to think about moving house at this time of year, but many others are in a position where the world does not stop simply because of the festive season, and are still seeking a home that suits their needs. The buyers that are shopping for a property during the winter months are likely to be serious buyers who are ready and willing to make a move when the perfect property presents itself!

How to Sell Your House in the Winter

So, knowing that the serious buyers are indeed out there, how do you make sure your property gets a look in with those enjoying a spot of Christmas House Hunting? The basic principles of property marketing remain the same year round, but paying attention to certain details can give you the edge on the off season…

  • -Lighting is important – in the dark dull winter months, take special care to ensure that your home has an inviting glow to anyone looking on outside. Turn on interior lights throughout the property BEFORE viewers arrive, and use outside lighting (including path markers where necessary) to help give a feel for exterior space after hours.
  • Buyers want a warm welcome – turn up that thermostat, set the heating timer, light that log burner – do whatever is necessary just make sure that potential purchasers feel cosy when they come in.
  • -Hone your holidays – by all means decorate your home in keeping with the season, but keep additions tasteful and in keeping with the character of your property. Lights, signs and garlands of garish festive greetings can have an adverse impact on those festive first impressions (Read more about the great decoration debate here: Christmas Decorations in Homes for Sale – Enticing or Offputting?