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Google Maps Update Means More Floorplans Going Mobile

The start of 2012 has been a busy time for the developers behind the Google Maps for Android app, and users now have access to even more floorplans.

In November last year the internet giant launched its exciting indoor mapping application – offering users of Google maps the chance to add and access information about interior public spaces including airports, hotels and departments stores.

Since the start of January two updates to the indoor mapping app have gone live, meaning users now have access to even more floorplans than ever before.

Android Users Can Access User-Added Floorplans

Android mobile users now have access to a range of interior information gathered through the beta version of the Google Maps floor plans tool, which allows members of the public to submit building blueprints and interior photography and other information to help build a better picture of inside spaces.

Increased Mobile Access to Interior Maps

Industry insiders anticipate that we will soon all have mobile access to interior mapping for places such as educational institutions, sports venues and museums, while Google bosses are encouraging everyone to give the new technology a go.

A spokesman for the company said: “With Google Maps on your Android device you can now go indoors. Next time you’re running the airport or shopping in a mall use Google Maps on your mobile phone to find a specific place or discover cool spots nearby.”