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Google Maps recently rolled out its indoor floor plan feature for desktop – just in time to help with the holidays.

The new feature was previously only available in Android and allows users to zoom in on a building in the familiar Google Maps format, until floor plans appear.

The useful tool covers a range of buildings accessible to the public – from airports to libraries to department stores.

Interior Plans Come to the Aid of Explorers

The floor plans helped America’s “Black Friday” shoppers find their way round the sales, and can come to the aid of lost travellers needing to get to their gate in order to be home for the holidays.

Announcing the launch of the long-awaited feature for desktop, Google Maps encouraged users to refer to the detailed floor plans before heading out to find out how to access everything from cashpoints to conveniences

Business Owners Directed to Floor Plan Tool

While the first stage of the launch features a selection of public buildings, Google is encouraging business owners to visit the new floor plan tool if they want their own floor plan to feature in the future.

Speaking on their Google+ page the Google Maps team said: Accurate and easy-to-use indoor maps are currently available for select venues in certain countries.”

They also provided a link to details of participating venues across the globe.