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Goodbye Magnolia! Homeowners Stop Decorating Purely for Property Marketing Purposes

With the market in many areas still stagnating, 2012 looks set to be the year that colour bursts back onto our walls as homeowners reclaim their interiors uncertain of achieving a sale.

In recent years those in the middle of the property marketing process have often steered clear of bold and bright colours, for fear of putting off potential buyers.

But with many properties languishing on the market for longer periods of time, homeowners are beginning to tire of the neutral shades proscribed by property marketing advisors and are instead choosing to redecorate their homes in shades that they will be happy to live with until such time as they get that elusive offer.

2012 to Bring “Bold Looks”

According to designer Sally Chamley, whose work can be seen in the contestants house on the Sky “Next Top Model” franchise, 2012 is going to be the year of ‘bold looks’, as property owners take the decision to suit themselves in place of pandering to possible purchasers.

Speaking in an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Ms Chamley said: “People are now more willing to concentrate on making their homes how they really want them, rather than styling them in a way they think will appeal to potential buyers.”

“Fun” Interiors Help Sell Homes

Her views are echoed by interiors expert Tris Evans who styles homes for some of the country’s biggest property developers, and expects to be using a range of brighter hues this year – hopefully resulting in some exciting property photography appearing in brochures and listings.

He said: “Interiors should be liveable but also fun.”