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GB Property Marketing Pros Win Gold and Silver in Global Survey

A survey of property marketing industries across the world has placed UK estate agents in second place when it comes to transparency.

With distrust of property marketing professionals a global problem in the wake of widespread market crashes over the past decade, The Global Real Estate Transparency Index looked at the industry in 97 countries and ranked them according to consumer experience.

UK Estate Agents on Property Marketing Podium

The results placed the great British property marketing pros on the podium in second place – with the US and Australia taking the gold and bronze slots respectively.

And, for the first time since its introduction in 1999, the bi-ennial survey also looked at sustainability in the real estate market – an area in which the UK took number one position.

The double success for the UK industry is likely to bolster investor confidence in the UK market for both residential and commercial property.

Progress Made in Property Marketing Transparency

The index looked at both established and emerging markets and found that much progress was being made across the board – however Jeremy Kelly, the national director of global research at Jones LangLaSalle, which carried out the research, said there was still room from improvement across the global property marketing industry.

Speaking after the results were revealed he said: “While steady progress in real estate transparency has been made during the past two years much still needs to be done.”