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The sun is shining and there is only one place to be – OUTSIDE!

Which is why this week our thought have turned to exteriors, and the role that gardens and external features play in the property marketing process.

It is easy to get so hung up on the spaces inside your home when you are preparing to show it to potential purchasers, but the garden or other outside space is a key part of the property package, so you need to make the most of it.

Whatever your outdoor space and wherever you fall in the buyers’ budget brackets, there are improvements you can make, and features you can emphasize, to get more from your garden.

Image by John Haynes under CC licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ Selling Property With Limited Outdoor Space

If you live in a flat with a balcony or have a home with a small courtyard garden, you want to ensure that the space is well used and shown to its full potential. Well maintained pots are a great staple of small spaces, but if you are seeking something with a bit of wow, and want to leave some space for that all important outside seating, consider investing in a vertical garden; which uses no valuable floor space and creates a focus of flowers or foliage.

Garden Rooms and Additional Living Space360 virtual tours & property views

One common mistake that sellers in this country make is seeing the garden spaces as separate from the property. If you want to really sell your property there needs to be a flow from indoors to out and the potential for use of the garden as living space should be clearly delineated.

Use cleverly positioned garden furniture to illustrate how property exteriors can serve as additional dining or seating space, weather permitting. If you do have space for an outside structure think about whether it is really best used to store junk and garden tools – a summer house space can add appeal and value, with all-weather structures appealing to those seeking offices and studios to use in all seasons.

Statement Gardens

If you are selling a high end home with a lot of land, garden features have been known to seal the deal and bring in that bug bucks buyer. Favourite features, according to The Telegraph are:

  • -Drives
  • -Lawns
  • -Terraces
  • -Cottage Gardens
  • -Kitchen Gardens
  • -Walled Gardens
  • -Courts
  • -Pools
  • -Orchards
  • -Meadows

The existence of any of these should be emphasised in all your property marketing materials and illustrated accordingly.

Great Property PostsExterior Property Photography and Important Part of Marketing Materials

Gardens add value and appeal to homes, so make sure that whatever the size and character of your space, it is shown in its best light to would-be buyers. Using a professional property photographer to document outside spaces as well as interiors is a great idea, and you may even want to commission them in advance of your move to create a record of the space across the seasons – providing even more information and incentive for your viewers when you do reach the market.