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Friday the 13th Property Marketing “Pointless” as Superstition Hits Home Sales

It’s bad news for homeowners hoping for a sale – because apparently today is unlikely to be the day.

Superstitious house hunters are expected to steer clear of committing to a property purchase today due to the date – Friday 13th

According to property marketing website FindaProperty.com the number of homes sold will drop by almost a third, in simple deference to the date.

Property Marketing Firms Report Superstitious Slump

Research shows that 32% fewer homes are sold on the 13th of each month, indicating that however good your property marketing package, some buyers will always pay heed to the unproven fears that the number 13 is in some way associated with an increased risk of misfortune.

Indeed it is a double whammy of bad news for those trying to sell homes with the door number 13 as studies have revealed that these traditionally sell for an average of £6,511 less than similar neighbouring properties .

FindaProperty property analyst Samantha Baden explained: “The fact that buyers avoid the number 13 is a trend that has been evident for the past 10 years. Many people believe Friday the 13th to be one of the most unlucky days of the year, and as a nation of superstitious buyers, we expect it will be one of the quietest days for property in 2012″

However, for buyers who shun superstition, Friday the 13th presents an excellent opportunity to get a head start on a house hunt, allowing them to secure viewings of new properties before the more cautious competition.