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A report from the BBC today claims that floorplans are the “next big battleground” in the war for supremacy in mobile mapping.

With mobile use prevalent in the first world and on the rise in developing countries, more and more people are turning to their mobile devices for directions – whether indoors or out.

Last year Google added to its already successful map and streetview stable by introducing interior floor plans of selected locations, a scheme that was well received and is now being rolled out to everywhere from public buildings to small businesses.

Floorplans to Rival Google Interior Mapping

And according to an article published online today, Apple is looking to offer floorplans to rival those now offered by Google, and will be helped by the acquisition of niche tech company Wifislam.

The tech giant, a major rival of the Google brand, has been confirmed by the news outlet as the new owner of Wifislam – a leader in the location pinpointing field, which has developed technologies allowing them to pinpoint a mobile user on a map or floorplan to within 8ft.

Access Maps and Floor Plans on the Move

Commentators claim that by using wifi hotspots and signal towers, wifislam can outperform Google’s favoured GPS locating system and add that this would allow users to consult maps and floorplans on the go with a greater degree of confidence.

The news comes hot on the heels of the revelation that Microsoft’s Bing maps has collated around 3,000 interior floorplans to add to its database, whole mobile giant Nokia has amassed around 4,000 – however all have a long way to go before they can truly compete with the massive 10,000 floorplans already pulled together by Google.