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Cinema buffs are being offered a chance to delve deeper into their favourite film scenes after an artist and filmmaker came together to map out iconic movie moments.

The Daily Mail reported how Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian have used traditional architectural drawing techniques to create quasi floorplans, depicting scenes from a range of favourite films.

Film-themed Floorplans Illustrate Action

But while floorplans for property marketing purposes may depict simple spaces, these film-themed floorplans also illustrate the action in each scene.

The pair, have turned their talents to a wide range of film favourites, depicting scenes from works in a range of genres across the years.

Floorplans have been drawn up for everything from Jean Luc Goddard’s Nouvelle Vague classic Le Mepris, to the cult action of Raging Bull, to family favourite Beauty and the Beast from Disney – giving fans a new perspective on the scenes.

Art Uses Traditional Property Marketing Practice

The film-based floorplans are the latest works to combine technical drawing with visual media to create artistic tributes to favourite productions – we recently reported on a trend of using the medium to recreate sets from popular television shows.

Photoplan Managing Director Ben Gutierrez said: “Works like these just serve to illustrate how important floorplans are in helping people to understand layouts and spaces.

“If film fans can gain a greater understanding of scenes from looking at this kind of drawing – then just think about how they help house hunters to get to know your home as part of your property marketing package.