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This weekend the Guardian brought us a great little tongue-in-cheek article on How toTalk Like an Estate Agent, which did make us chuckle with all its property marketing clichés neatly packaged in one seven point piece.

But it also made us think, about the words that estate agents use, and how they use them, so we thought we would take the opportunity to look at five less-than obvious “power words” that research reveals have the potential to sell your home – if used correctly.

Most expensive flatViews

What can you see from your windows? Describe it for your house hunters. Do you have sea views? Mountain views? Views across surrounding countryside? What about a room with big windows offering panoramic views? Located in a bustling urban area? Then maybe you have street views offering opportunities to watch the world go by! Top floor of a high rise? Lucky you, you’ve got a bird’s eye view!

Now, take a moment to read back over that last sentence – what pictures popped into your mind? Did your imagination conjure up something appealing for each one? Exactly! Using views in property marketing copy is a great way to encourage positive visualisation from potential purchasers – give it a go!

Estate agentReady

House hunters are ready to move, they want a property that is ready for them! But what does ready mean? Ready doesn’t necessarily mean finished. Yes, a home can be ready to move in, but it can also be ready to renovate, or a plot with a tired building and planning permission can be ready for redevelopment.

Whatever property you are selling, it is ready for something, and ready for the kind of buyer that is looking for it – let them know.


Apparently the word hardwood is to US property buyers as catnip is to cats! Research shows that the words hardwood floors feature in the most successful property descriptions. While we don’t have any figures on the effects it has in Europe, we are pretty sure that the power doesn’t diminish when you cross the pond.

Hardwood floors are shorthand for quality, for solidity and permanence – all the sorts of qualities that homebuyer are seeking from their investment. And they look pretty special too.

Stainless by Miheco via Flickr under CC licenseStainless

As above, this descriptor (for example stainless steel sink unit) proved popular with audiences in America… possibly because it conjures pictures of shiny kitchen spaces – which we already know are one of the key elements in home sales.

Couple a stainless steel something or other with the mention of an on trend kitchen brand and you are most definitely onto a winner!

Virtual tour apps improving fitness experiencesWalkable

This is about more than just being able to roll home from the pub after a great night out. A property that is walkable to shopping and leisure areas creates an impression of having a finger on the pulse and being part of something, while a home within walking distance of the great outdoors has a feel of rural retreat about it.

Tell house hunters what IS walkable from their front door – whether it local conveniences, city sights or simply some stunning open spaces.