We hope you are all enjoying the festive period this year and will enjoy a fabulous new years eve.  Things have not slowed down here at Photoplan we were commissioned to create the resources and microsite for the brand new state of the art Photographic & film studio in West London. The studio boats over 2600 sq ft of space, a superb U shaped cove that can be painted green or white to enable backdrops to be render in post production.

Our brief was to help visualise the space without actually being there, so we put together a bespoke package to achieve this. Our package included the following elements, 4 premium full screen 360 virtual tours,  half a day photo shoot to gather every aspect and feel of the space, highly accurate floor plan showing the measurements,  premium interactive floor plan, rate card and location information using google maps.

Our photographer spent a total of 4 hours at the studio location in Acton, London, W3. Firstly we measured the studio space using laser technology to produce a highly accurate sketch that we then convert into CAD drawn floor plan. Secondly we prepared the studio for photography, moving all unwanted objects and generally preparing the space.

After the prep we went into shooting mode and created some stunning example of interior photography. Once our photographer had finished they then uploaded the images and then our experienced web-designer got to work. Creating the microsite with our excellent resources made the process smooth and the site was complete, from start to finish in only a matter of days.

Our client was extremely happy with the speed, accuracy and manner in which we approached this project.  Please ensure you take a look and please call us if you also require a similar microsite. +44 0208 960 5180 or [email protected]