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It’s the tech we are all waiting to get our hands on – and Google Glass also looks set to become the must have accessory for estate agents.

This week The American Genius reported 10 ways Google Glass could affect real estate flagging up a range of possible applications for the technology that have the potential to revolutionise various aspects of the property marketing industry.

With ideas ranging from covert personal security surveillance for estate agents out in the field showing homes for sale, to live guided virtual tours for house hunters unable to visit a property in person it is easy to see why Google Glass could become your agent’s favourite gadget.

While estate agents currently devote a good deal of time to mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, the unobtrusive nature of Google Glass really ups its appeal in a business where making and sustaining a client connection is all important.

According to The Telegraph: “Google Glass is poised to change the way property is bought and sold for ever…” – check out this web video for a glimpse of how they envisage a world of Google Glass estate agency.

How Will Google Glass Help Sell Houses?

While the gadget is still in beta, with only the lucky “explorers” currently able to access the technology, it is easy to see how the Google glass headset could be adopted by agents for a range of applications:

Constant Contact: Imperative in an industry where being available is all important.

Easy Media Capture and Share: For everything from property details to virtual tours, Glass will allow agents to grab and stream seamlessly.

Agent Tracking: Perfect for both personal safety and office accountability.

Property Marketers Already Using Google Glass

Early adopters are already reaping the benefits of this new mobile tech, with The Independent last month reporting that agents Aston Chase have already used a property marketing video production company that shoots with Glass to create property marketing materials for a London property for sale.

Steve Reilly of real estate media company VistaBee called the tech a “game changer for the industry and added: “For estate agents, it lets the client see exactly what the home is like from the viewer’s perspective,” he said, “thus allowing the agent or vendor to add value in a way that was not possible before.”

How Can Estate Agents Get Google Glass?

While the tech is still heavily controlled and offered by invite only, US residents are currently able to join the waiting list for what Google are calling The Explorer Programme by visiting the website and filling out  a simple form.

The gadget costs those who are selected $1500 (plus tax) and buyers are required to prived verifiable identification before being allowed to get their glass.