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Woah there! Before you take it personally, be assured this question is a hypothetical one – but with a serious agenda – you NEED to look at your website if you want to get the best out of it.

In a world where every fleeting idea becomes an instant internet search (and we mean instant, since voice activated apps removed the need to even type in our queries) it is massively important that when people reach your web presence, it reaches out to them.

So what does this mean for estate agents? We’ve looked at a few questions you need to ask in order to best serve your internet audience:

Who is using your property marketing website?

Have you checked your analytics recently – what sort of searches are bringing people to your pages? Are some of those searches coming from sellers? Estate agents are very focussed on selling houses, but it is really important to remember that one half of the home sales equation is the vendor. Be aware that your homepage needs to clearly signpost the areas for buyers and for sellers. Sellers are providing your product, and your commission! So make sure you are weighting your web content accordingly – and give potential sellers a clearly signposted path to selling with you.

How does your website look?

Like it or not the internet is a very visual medium, and you need your site to be sympathetic to this. Everything from the property photography to the fonts used should be easy on the eye. If you are still using a self made site from the early days of the internet, you WILL be losing clients because these days the online audience had high expectations. Scrimping on imagery and design is simply a false economy, let the professional property marketing web design people have at it and see your ROI come rolling in!

Are people finding what they want?

Navigation is key when it comes to website, force people to complete too many clicks to find the answers to their questions and they may bounce (click away from your page) if you’ve not reviewed your menus and in text linking recently, now is the time – you are aiming to offer answers in one click. Also look at your filtering on property searches, are the parameters you are offering the ones that people actually choose homes by? If not, change them.

Can your cyber contacts convert?

While it is useful to be able to do everything online, consumers generally have more confidence if they are offered other contact options as well. Do you have clearly signposted contact details online as well? Can a potential client take their investigations from cyber space to the real world without any issues? The crossover between the two should be seamless. Make it so.