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It may seem like a given, that estate agents should be the ones explaining to their clients the best way to go about actually selling their houses, however some industry insider believe a timely reminder might be needed.

With estate agents being so immersed in the property sales industry, and the prevalence of property sales commentary in popular media, sometimes the fact that home sellers are not actually experts on shifting houses can get forgotten.

Common Home Sale Mistakes

In a recent article Joe Finnerty of Prudential Patt, White Real Estate explained that he had witnessed so many simple mistakes committed by the owners of homes for sale, that he had begun to wonder if agents we in fact issuing the right advice to the customers.

He said: “A part of you wonders: Did the agent tell them what to do?”

Property Marketing Dos and Don’ts

The piece advises that agents take the time to explain a few simple and seemingly obvious “Dos” and Don’ts” to their clients – as observing these could be the difference between selling and not.

Easy tips to help people sell their homes include:

  • Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean – dishes or shavings in the sink are a big no no!
  • Empty the cat litter – pet odours are extremely offputting.
  • Declutter – buyers need to see space not stuff, pre-pack and place non essentials in storage.