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The current generation of first time buyers have seen it all.

From boom to bust they have watched as a nation of homeowners saw their wishes granted or dreams shattered purely on the rise and fall of the property market.

And with the post-credit crunch rise in repossessions freshest in the market memory it is no surprise that some young professionals are shying away from the idea of ownership.

Generation Rent Presents Property Marketing Problem

Team this with huge hurdles in securing finance for those who are willing to buy houses, and property marketing professionals are faced with a problem

How can they sell homes if consumers continue to be so cautious?

The answer is that the role of the estate agent is shifting, workers within the industry can no longer take for granted the fact that everyone eventually wants to own, and will need to work on selling the idea of ownership before that can begin to push specific properties.

Agents Expand Services to Widen Property Sales Pool

The changing landscape of the property selling sector may also play a part in the shift towards combine sales and lettings offices – which until now had been blamed on agents’ desire to cash in on the needs of generation rent.

Far from rushing to cash in an an area where they are uninitiated, savvy home sales firms are recognising the need to convert the consumer if they want a to effectively market properties in the future.