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We know they’ve got a vested interest in shifting properties, with the promise of a nice commission payout on completion, but estate agents these days are seemingly going all out to seal the deal for sellers.

A report in the Canadian Financial Post reveals that estate agent job descriptions seem to have somewhat shifted as a result of the global housing market slump, with one property marketing professional admitting that he has cleaned toilets at client properties on more than one occasion.

Property Marketing Pro Gets Stuck in for the Sale

Property seller David MacLean tells the publication that, while he does not want vendors to assume that responsibility for such menial tasks should fall to him, when it comes to making a sale he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

The revelation begs the question – what SHOULD your property marketing professional be doing to sell your house?

UK Estate Agents Must Market Properties

Here in the UK  there are estate agents seem to see their job as being one of matchmaking – hooking up house hunters with suitable homes on the market in their area – often leaving it up to sellers to show their homes and create that all important first impression.

While we would NEVER advocate asking your estate agent to clean your loo, this kind of dedication from international agents should serve as a reminder that if you are selling your home you are well within your rights to ask that an estate agency really market it for you, and earn that all important commission!