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Property marketing professionals take their work seriously, and are often ready to go the extra mile to woo a client or seal a deal – but some property marketing pros claim that their dedication to their industry has left them with the ability to read clients’ minds!

In an article in The New York Times this week real estate industry insiders have revealed how, along with experience comes the gift of being able to read a client’s thoughts through the tiniest of tells.

Reading Potential Purchasers Gives Agents Power

The piece explains how experienced estate agents use their well-honed home-selling instincts to get a feel for a client’s true feelings – which can put them in a position of power when it comes to sealing a deal.

The piece explains that in the same way poker players may display giveaway signs that their thoughts and words don’t tally, so house hunters often give away more about their position than intended with their behaviours.

Signs Indicate Outcome of Property Marketing Process

Agents interviewed for the piece reveal a range of common “signs” they observe during the home sale process, and what these indicate.

For example, one agent claims a buyer carrying a clipboard is unlikely to buy, while another said the speed at which a house hunter views a home is highly indicative of the eventual outcome.

Real estate agent Fritzi Barbour explained that the ability was useful in guiding clients to make the right choices,and was not used to push them into unsuitable sales.

“You can’t just manipulate a buyer into buying something that you want them to buy if it doesn’t meet their needs,” she said.