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Home sales companies in Dubai are hiring hundreds of property marketing professionals as the local market surges back from bust to boom.

Top luxury home sales companies in the United Arab Emirates city have been recruiting home sales professionals from across the globe to help meet the demand for properties in the city.

Overseas Home Sales Agencies Recruiting

According to a recent article in UAE paper The National, the city’s largest estate agency Better Homes has taken on an additional 100 property marketing professionals in the past year, while Cluttons Dubai branch is looking to up their agent number by about 50%  in the coming months.

“The market is so buoyant at the moment that all the main agencies are trying to increase staff numbers, “ said  the local Cluttons’ branch manager Mario Volpi.

Property Sales People Earning Six-Figure Sums

Property broker Smith and Ken are just one agency that is attempting to bring in UK agents to help meet the demand for home sales professionals in the popular Middle Eastern city – using recruiters Reed to help them fill the property marketing roles – which could prove popular since it was revealed that professional property seller are once again earning six-figure sums from sales in the city.

“The Dubai property market is back,” claim their job vacancy adverts which are being disseminated by UK recruitment agency Reed – which has been tasked with find 22 new staff for the overseas property marketing positions.