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…Use it to Engage Your Audience!

Thinking about jumping into the social media-sphere? Heard a lot about how agents who are social media savvy are signing more sellers and shifting more houses? Think you’d like a piece of that?

Well you can have it – but only if you tread carefully.

Overt Selling Through Social Media is Over

There was a time when overt selling through social media channels was effective, but that time is gone, early adopters reaped the benefits of a brand new and naive online audience, bombarded them with pitches instead of posts and reaped the rewards of the trusting nature of the first “Facebook” generation.

But, as with all easy things, it had to come to an end. The simple social sales pitch is no longer enough for the online audience.

Social media platform users now want primarily to be engaged and entertained. They want a brand or product (including property marketing professionals) to prove it is on their wavelength before they will commit to do business – and that is something that can only be achieved with a carefully crafted social media strategy, executed either in house or by a company dedicated to managing social media for property marketing.

Engaging Content is Backbone of SM Strategy

You will need to strike a balance between engaging content and industry relevance if you are to hit the right note in social media circles.

A remember that exposure online can lead to more than just leads – it can also create publicity of its own, because influencers scour social sites for ideas and trends to write up for the wider world as Charlotte Ashton of AB Property Marketing recently explained to The Move Channel.

She said: “Lots of journalists use Twitter as a tool to find stories because it’s more immediate that press releases or emails.”