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There’s a new trend in selling houses – discreet property marketing is, apparently, the way forward.

There was a time when property marketing was all about reaching as many people as possible – agents created property web videos with a twist in the hopes they would go viral, property photography thumbnails for online listings were carefully selected to ensure the highest number of clicks, and exposure was the key to selling houses.

But, it seems, for some those days are over, with the biggest trend in home selling today being ‘discreet property marketing’.

Selling Houses With No Adverts or For Sale Signs

As the title suggests, discreet property marketing is not about all out exposure, and more about reaching the right people at the right time. With no For Sale signs, no online property adverts and no listing in the local high street estate agent’s shop front you might consider that discreet home selling is unlikely to achieve the desired result.

However, a growing number of vendors are taking agents across the country up on the offer of a new under-the-counter approach to home sales – and it seems to be working.

According to agencies offering the service, there are a number of reasons why property owners might want to market their home with as little fuss and fanfare as possible. These include:

A Desire for Privacy: With the rise in popularity of “property porn” in recent years, many people who are not interested in buying a new home log on to property search sites regularly out of curiosity about homes for sale in their area. However, for those who wish to keep their cards close to their chest traditional property marketing also makes it likely that friends, neighbours, or colleagues could discover their intentions – leading to curiosity over the future of their role within the community or workplace. By choosing the discreet home marketing option vendors can avoid awkward questions until they choose to reveal their news.

Wanting to Find the Right Property Before Moving On: With so few properties coming to market in some areas, the demand for those that are marketed can be high, with buyers keen to seal the deal and get their hands on the keys as soon as possible. Discreet marketing allows agents to target buyers who are willing to allow vendors the necessary time to find the right next move before they want in.

How Does Discreet Property Marketing Work?

The process begins in much that same way as a traditional home sale, an agent visits the home for sale and prepares particulars and property photography is commissioned – but instead of the resulting listing being disseminated via all available channels, the listing is kept by the agent who carefully selects potential purchasers who would be amenable to the vendor’s timetable.
Sales generated by discreet property marketing can be completed quietly with the involvement of the buyer, seller and necessary home sales professionals, meaning that the sellers are free to reveal details of their move when they decide they are ready, rather than waiting for others to discover their intentions.