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In these days of a “locked-out generation” of “rentysomethings” whose only aim is to one day be able to afford to finance that first foot on the property ladder, it might seem churlish to be expressing a preference for nice thatched cottage, Victorian terrace or Georgian townhouse…

BUT savvy investors are right to put their hard-earned into period property as recent research reveals that older homes are enjoying much larger house price gains their their newly build property peers.

Older Properties Saw Larger Price Increases

According to residential investment advisers Huntly Hooper, in the five years to the end of 2012, period homes in central London outperformed recent constructions to the tune of four times the increase in price.

Huntly Hooper’s Oliver Hooper told The Telegraph: “With period property having almost no new supply, and newbuild property set for large amounts of future supply, economics will dictate that the two types of property will perform differently, despite both being in the same geographical area.

“Post completion, developments can age quickly as trends in architecture changes, but period property seems to have ongoing appeal with homeowners and investors so demand remains strong.”

Stretch to a Historic Home and Reap the Future Rewards

The news will be welcomed by those house hunters who find themselves poring over glossy property photography depicting beautiful period homes and dreaming of their own future – confirming that this is an ideal well worth striving towards, as the rewards will likely be there for the reaping in years to come.