“Black Diamonds” mansion set for £200 million re-development

A new £200 million scheme will see the UK’s largest stately home, Wentworth Woodhouse, transformed into a museum, hotel and business centre, Sheffield Telegraph reports.

The property, which is known as the “Black Diamonds” stately home due to its links with a coal-mining fortune, has 1,000 windows, a room for every day of the year, a front twice as wide as that of Buckingham Palace, and a recent history shrouded in mystery, according to the Times Online.

And now the grade I-listed building – currently one of the largest private residencies in Europe – is set to become a leading attraction, creating around 1,500 jobs in the process, according to the Sheffield Telegraph. The development and restoration is planned for completion by 2015, and its owners estimate it will draw some 150,000 visitors per year.

In anticipation of the project, which should bolster South Yorkshire’s tourist industry, there is a special video report including a property video of the magnificent property available to view at the newspaper’s website