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A survey this week revealed that Facebook is the favourite social media platform of property marketing professionals – but are agents who stick to one site are missing out on opportunities in other places?

According to figures from residential property experts Move with Us, 45% of independent estate agents have a company page on Facebook – making it the preferred site for social media property marketing.

Only 35% of agencies use Twitter, 11% LinkedIn and a tiny 5% maintain a profile on video clip sharing site YouTube.

However, in order for any social media strategy to work, it needs to cover more bases and ensure that it is reaching all audiences – agents who feel they are showing their social-media savvy by maintaining a Facebook page are missing opportunities to integrate their social media marketing, and could even be alienating potential clients who are more comfortable communicating on the other existing platforms.

While Facebook, with its massive market share and now familiar format may be an easy choice for those taking tentative first steps into the commercial social media sphere, online efforts should not stop here.

Estate agents should consider other social media sites as well, as each offers unique benefits to the property marketing industry.

Twitter for Estate Agents

Unlike Facebook, where people have to connect with your page to discover your content, Twitter allows you to reach out to people who may be as-yet unaware of your business. Using relevant hashtags on your content, following and retweeting related businesses and searching and responding to people searching for property information in your area can really help to up your online influence.

Using LinkedIn as a Property Marketing Professional

LinkedIn is seen as serious social media. Use a LinkedIn profile to establish your business as experts in your area, join in relevant industry conversations and network to ensure you too are taken seriously in this online environment.

YouTube Tips for Home Sellers

Every estate agent knows how important visual media (property photography, virtual tours, web video & videoettes to name but a few) are to the property marketing process – so all agents ought to be on YouTube. As a Google subsidiary, YouTube results feature highly in organic search helping propel your content into the public consciousness and building your online audience.

Get in on the Ground Floor with Google+

Ok, so, some say the jury is still out on Google’s own social media site – but have you actually checked it out yet? The photo sharing is particularly impressive – and perfect for property photography, while the circles feature can help you target your content carefully at certain markets. With business pages available since last year, companies joining now are still getting in on the ground floor – and could become real influencers in this social media sphere.

Of course, if you are more comfortable with clients than keyboards and prefer showing to sharing, then it might make sense to trust your strategy to a professional social media management service, who will be able to create profiles, manage content and ensure you are creating the perfect online impression.