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Property marketing professionals in Australia are questioning the value of social media marketing after only a tiny percentage reported a return on their investment in the platform.

According to a survey by PropertyObserver.com.au only 35 of agents felt that they were seeing a monetary reward from the time invested in social media property marketing.

The report claimed that many agents were leaving their accounts dormant after failing to feel the financial effects of previous regular posting.

Social Networking vs PPC Advertising?

A number of agents said that social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter could not compete with pay-per-click advertising campaigns such as those offered by Google adwords – which demonstrated a more tangible return on investment for their businesses.

Considering the massive importance and influence of social media in the modern market, their attitude begs the question: “What were they doing wrong?”

Estate Agents Need Social Media Management

Here at Photoplan we have always believed that social media must be carefully managed in order to help agents corner a share of the market, and that simply creating profiles without a strong management strategy is not enough to bring results.

Photoplan managing director Ben Gutierrez commented: “It’s such a shame that agents are abandoning their social media efforts, when with a little bit of expert help these platforms could begin to pay dividends.

“Like any kind of marketing, social media needs effective strategy behind it if it is going to succeed – while agents may be experts in their own field, they might not understand all the opportunities that social media offers and may be missing out.”

“I would advise any estate agency that is struggling to see the benefit of their social media efforts to seek some help with their social media management – as clients consider public profiles to be all important when assessing agencies.”