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We live in a world of bites. Quick bites, sound bites and, thanks to video sharing apps such as vine, even video bites – which is why you need to be thinking about providing bite sized marketing content for your online audience.

While traditional property video remains an absolute necessity for every serious seller, you may also want to consider additional property video content that will work with social media platforms in order to achieve greater exposure for your homes for sale.

Using Vine to showcase property video is one option for the social media home sellers who wants to ensure their marketing efforts are reaching the widest possible audience.

What is Vine?

Vine is a video app that allows users to create six second loops of video content that is perfectly suited for social media sharing. The app has 40 million users (that’s 40 million people creating content) and 15 billion vine loops are played online daily by internet audiences across the world.

What are the Benefits of Using Vine for Property Video?

You might be thinking that using six second loop for your property video is imposing unnecessary limitations – but using Vine for property video is not about showcasing an entire home for sale, it is about whetting appetites, hooking audience interest and then directing them towards more comprehensive content.

This is where Vine’s strength lies – create a great, eye catching, six-second teaser using Vine and you have the perfect hook to cast into social media audiences.

The format is perfect for social sharing, and with autoplay functions on many sites, using Vine has the potential to bring your content to more and more people unbidden. They don’t NEED to click your property video to watch it, it will simply be served up to them in their newsfeed – if you have created great content, there is then a potential to convert – offering access to more marketing materials online to give the potential purchaser the chance to indulge the curiosity your clip has created!

How to Use Vine for Property Videos

As with all media, the secret to creating a great Vine video for property marketing purposes lies in understanding its strengths and weaknesses – you have six seconds to make an impact – choose your content wisely!

There are a number of ways to exploit the format and make the best of its property marketing potential, for example:

Concentrate on one property feature or even one great room…

Using six seconds to explore a beautifully staged room, or focus on one really attractive feature is a great way to generate interest that could be carry forward.

Use the property video clip to showcase a speeded up 360 virtual tour…

A whistlestop tour allows for the brain to spot parts that appeal, but the user will need to refer to more in depth marketing materials if they want to explore more.

Use Vines for area roundups complete with property slideshows…

The vine doesn’t need to be selling a particular property, video footage showcasing a great neighbourhood, complete with teaser images of homes for sale there can work well.

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(Image By Esther Vargas under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)