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We know all about the spring surge, when families rush to secure a property in time to move over the summer holidays, but as we head into autumn garden expert Alan Titchmarsh says now is the time to sell your house!

In an article for the Daily Express, the Ground Force gardener explains that the end of summer can be a great time to try and bring in the buyers – with outside space making an important contribution to end of summer home sales.

Exterior Spaces Can Affect Offers

According to Titchmarsh, the state of exterior spaces not only helps bring all important kerb appeal to your property, but can also have an effect on the offers eventually received.

He says: “A good garden is a great aid to selling and can enhance the asking price – so if you’re thinking about moving, now’s the time to put yours in order.”

Sensible Investment in Exterior Can Help Sell Your House

However, the garden expert says that property sellers should think carefully about where they invest both their cash and their efforts outdoors.

Recommending that you focus on the general look and feel of exterior spaces rather than attempting the grand gesture, he warns against splashing out on expensive features such as fountains or hot tubs as these items are often an assertion of personal taste, which buyers could baulk at paying extra to acquire.

How to Improve Your Garden for an End-of-Summer Sale

Instead the green-fingered TV personality and author recommends that you tidy and maintain existing gardens if you are trying to sell your house.

Simple tasks that homeowners may wish to consider to sell houses at the end of summer include:

-Clearing rubbish – old furniture, broken toys and abandoned planters all give a genral air of abandonment – these should be taken to the tip if you want to sell your house.

-Cutting grass – a neat lawn speaks to something in the British homebuyer – make sure you deliver this outdoor essential.

-Pruning overgrown plants and trees (with professional help where necessary) – Cutting back and thinning out can make exterior spaces seems much larger. For this reason it is a good idea to plan garden work in advance of commissioning property photography. If exterior pictures have already been shot, consider a new set after work is completes.

-Weeding paths and beds – sprouting weeds just scream neglect, if you can’t be bothered with the garden buyers may question whether you have cared for the home. Get pulling!

-Painting sheds and fences – a quick coat of paint can bring a totally fresh feel to sheds, summerhouses and fences, and this quick fix helps improve the overall impression made by outdoor space when you are attempting to sell your house.

Play Fair When Marketing your Property

The outdoor expert also explains that honestly is the best policy when selling houses – you MUST inform buyers if you are planning on taking plants out when you move, and should try and avoid this if at all possible: “Take cuttings instead,” says Titchmarsh.