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Agents Offered Social Media Property Marketing Training

Real estate agents in California are being schooled in social media property marketing in order to keep them at the cutting edge of their profession.

As increasing numbers of house hunters turn to social media platforms in their property searches, one company is taking a pro-active stance on social media property marketing and helping ensure that their agents stay ahead of the game. Employees of HK Lane Real Estate are all being offered the opportunity to take part in a four-part programme to school them is social media marketing skills.

Estate Agents Learn About Internet Marketing

The property professionals spend a total of eight hours learning about internet marketing and gaining a better understanding of this powerful promotional tool. With the help of online marketing agency All Things Social Online, they brush up on the basics and create a powerful social media property marketing presence before beginning their first promotional pushes.

Co-owner of All Things Social Online, Jackie Ulmer, told reporters: “We pull all of the agent’s online information together, teach them SEO, fill in any gaps such as Facebook and Twitter, and teach them how to enhance their online presence with things like video, blogging and article marketing.”

Social Media Property Marketing is “Key”

Graduates of the course often see fast results as their pages and listings move up the Google rankings under the guidance of the experts, and company founder Harvey Katofsky said the training helped his workers to stand out from the competition. “Social media marketing is key,” he added.