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Estate agents are jumping into the social media-sphere in their droves this month thanks to latest craze, the Harlem Shake.

To the internet initiated they may be coming late to the game, but at least they are giving it a go, and  fun loving property marketing professionals at agency offices across the world have been harnessing their inner performers to create web video clips to contribute to the meme, which has spread like wildfire across the internet and specifically social media sites.

Property Marketers Join Web Video Craze

Agencies such as Remaxx in Wilmington North Carolina, and the Anderson REG and UMoove in Portsmouth seem to use their own business premises as a backdrop to the bizarre clip craze in the hopes of connecting with a wider online audience and wooing potential property sellers or house hunters –  a tactic that seems to have worked with videos receiving positive comments from audiences who indicated that this kind of online participation would be likely to sway their opinion in favour of agencies.

Estate Agent Uses Video Clip to Sell Houses

One agent, however, has capitalised even further on the craze, setting her Harlem Shake video clip in one of the properties for sale on their books. Agent Whitney Pannell of the Realtor agency in Lexington includes details on how to learn more about the home featured in the clip description box – marketing both her firm as fun loving and her client’s property in one hit.

“I knew it was hot,” the agent told Inman News when questioned about the craze.