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A Property Shared is a Property Sold – How the Facebook Phenomenon Assists Agents

Ten years ago, when someone started looking for a new home, possible purchases were piled on the kitchen table in the form of papers of particulars, which would only be shown to friends if they happened to pop over for a coffee. But in the age of digital media, the property search has become much more of a community event, with social media sharing allowing house hunters to show off potential purchases to contacts, seek other people’s opinions or create an easily accessible record of their search on their own profile page.

Social Media Sharers Seek Peer Approval

This is how it goes; the buyer sits down with their computer, tablet or even mobile phone and begins to browse the properties that might suit their search. They spot a listing with potential – but before booking that viewing they seek the counsel and even approval of their peers, posting details of the property in question to their Facebook page or Twitter profile – allowing the people whose opinions they value to view details and property photography and offer up their opinions – which could have an influence on the searcher’s own decision making process.

Online Sharing is Free Property Marketing

So what does this mean for sellers? Well, a couple of things really. Firstly, all social media sharing equates to free property marketing, offering valuable exposure for homes even if the person who posts decides not to purchase for whatever reason. Secondly, if agents want to tap the potential of social media sharing then they need their sites to be social network friendly – with options such as one click sharing as standard and property pages available in format that suit all forms of online search.  With these things in place properties may benefit from an online marketing push without any additional effort from agents.