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As camera technology improves and savvy consumers look for ways to cut the cost of selling houses, it can be tempting for property vendors to self shoot! But here we look at why employing a professional property photographer is still always a sound investment for home owners:

Website Example -141: Showcase Space

A professional property photographer will come well equipped with the right lenses to capture representative images of your home and showcase the space as it actually is. Don’t understand the difference? Take you camera or smart phone and attempt to capture a smaller space such as a kitchen or bathroom in one shot, without making it look cramped or missing most of the features… this is why you need a professional property photographer!

2: Bring on the Blue Skies

Ok, so editing pictures in post production can be problematic if you make changes to things that cannot be changed in real life (for example photoshopping out pylons, power lines or structural problems!) but if you’ve simply stuck bad luck by booking a shoot on a dull day, it can be rectified, with clever lighting and a bit of expert editing – instant appeal!

Something for the weekend - property photography3: Staged Spaces

While we would advise any client needing a full interior makeover to seek the help of a stylist before booking their shoot, our photographers understand how to put a picture together, and they aren’t averse to moving a few objects to improve your aesthetic – staging shots comes easily to the expert eye!

4: Focus on Features

A good property photographer will pick up on your home’s unique selling points and will give them the attention they deserve – spotting visual USPs that may be missed by a happy snapping multi-tasking marketer!

Self Building5: Light up, Light up!

Lighting can be the difference between a click and a miss in the competitive world of online property marketing. Using a well lit thumbnail on a property listing can really bring in the interest (for example twilighting exteriors can make a big difference to online appeal) Choosing the right lighting for the full property photography portfolio can make a good property look great – and psychological studies suggest that lighting also impacts on the emotional impression made by an image.

6: Get the Value from Your Vistas!

Have you got great views from your property? Are they an important piece of the selling puzzle? Then buyers will need to see them – something that a professional property photographer can help with. While the difference between interior and exterior light conditions can make it hard for one shot to really showcase what is beyond a window, an expert property photographer will take a range of shots which can be fused in editing to give the best possible representation of both the interior and the view – in the context of the window from which it can be seen – the perfect way of marketing a room with a view.