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Is your house on the market? Take a look around you… what do you see? Now look again, really look, what else do you see? The chances are there are objects around you that could potentially scupper the sale of your home!

While some home sale no-nos are really obvious, other items that have the ability to sabotage your property marketing plans are somewhat surprising.

Here we take a look at 5 items that people DON’T want to see in your home…

  1. A Family Photo: It’s a staple of the modern family home – a lovely framed candid or professional canvas featuring you and and yours enjoying each others’ company.  You think it screams “happy family” and ergo this should translate to “happy family home” when in fact what it is telling viewers is “hands off, this home is taken, it already has a family and that family is US!”If you want to attract other families to picture themselves in your property, swap the family photo up with something a bit less personal – like a pretty landscape from a family holiday – that way you can still enjoy memories of happy family times without putting off the punters.
  2. Your Toothbrush: While we realised that EVERYONE has to brush their teeth (and various other personal care requirements) evidence of these rituals should be eliminated from your bathroom before showings. Put the toothbrush mug away in a cupboard, consign used flannels and towels to the linen basket and put away open toiletries and medicines.  The bathroom should look like a hotel en-suite, with no trace that someone has been using it for the purpose it was intended. Irrational maybe, but buyers don’t like to be reminded that real people have already been using what could be THEIR personal spaces.
  3. That Kitchen Sponge and Scourer: Yes, it’s great that you like to keep your kitchen clean, and of course it should be spotless for the showing. But please allow your potential purchasers to believe that the sparkling worktops are ALWAYS that clean, or that any necessary maintenance is carried out by cooperative woodland animals a la Snow White. They don’t want to picture you in your marigolds generating elbow grease while eliminating that produced during the cooking process. It’s just not as appealing. Sorry.
  4. A Brown Banana: This is part of the freshness theory, in the same way that fresh fruit and cut flowers can make your home seem even more appealing, the sight of something “on the turn” could be enough to plant a negative subliminal message in the mind of your target audience. Fruit bowls, therefore, should be freshly stocked with shiny new specimens to perpetuate the fresh and appealing feeling. 
  1. 50 Shades on the Bookshelf: Ok, we BELIEVE you read it in an ironic way in order to be able to contribute to the debate it generated at your book club… BUT your house hunters might not get that. Anything that hints at our baser human instincts should be kept out of sight – keep your property pure to avoid putting off purchasers!