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A recent survey revealed that less than two in ten vendors were bothered if their agent would be available to show their home to buyers.

But those who shun this traditional property marketing service might be scuppering their own sale – and piling on stress in the process.

With this in mind we’ve put together a list of the top five reasons why you should leave the showings to your property marketing pro!

  1. You might hate the buyer! Property sales should not be personal, but we are all emotionally invested in our homes – so taking a dislike to a potential purchaser might cause you to subconsciously sabotage your sale.
  2. The buyer might hate you! While it shouldn’t matter if house hunters “like” the people living in a home, survey have shown that they are less likely to buy if they are not fond of the owner – step out of the equation in order to avoid this eventuality.
  3. You don’t need to hear their opinions! We all know that selling up is stressful, so it is easy to take offence when househunters tour your space giving a running commentary on what they would do differently. An agent won’t care – they just want their commission!
  4. You might say too much! If you are a chatty person then it will be tempting to regale viewers with tales of your house’s history – however, what you think is a charming anecdote might turn out to be the dealbreaker for that buyer – agents keep it impersonal for a better chance of a sale.
  5. It’s better if buyers don’t think of a house as YOUR home! Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves in a space – and the presence of a property owner can make this harder. If you aren’t there it is much easier for them to imagine.