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House on the market? Desperate to move? Had some interest but still no offers?

Then maybe you have been sabotaging your sale.

While vendors often believe they are doing everything in their power to achieve a sale, there are some seller behaviours that have the opposite result, scuppering any chance of a sale.

If you are marketing your property but are not achieving the level of interest you might expect, it is time to look at your own actions and consider if there is anything you might be doing that is putting off the buyers.

With this in mind we’ve done a bit of research into what property marketing professionals think are the most common way for property owners to stop their homes from selling – and in no particular order they are:

Pets at Property Viewings

Yes, you love them and yes, they may well be perfectly harmless, but for people who don’t like animals, your cats, dogs, rats, snakes or pigeons are seriously offputting.

Caged animals should be sent for a night with friends where possible, while four legged friends MUST be contained away from those viewing your property. Dog should be caged or kennelled BEFORE viewers arrive – because that barking at the front door can kill any prospect of a sale before the house hunters even cross the threshold if they are not fans of our furry friends.

Being Unavailable for Home Showings

People need to be able to see your home to fall in love with it – if you make getting past the front door hard work, they are going to move on to another prospect.

Sellers who are planning to show their own homes MUST be flexible on viewing times, and must be willing to show the whole house even at what they consider to be slightly anti social hours ( you might, for example, need to keep children up a little later on viewing nights, so that you can show their bedrooms without disturbing them)

If you are unlikely to be able to agree to anytime viewings, you need to choose an agent who includes guided property viewings in their property marketing package – so they can ensure accessibility on your behalf.

Gung Ho Home Scenting

While subtle home scenting can help achieve a home sale, over zeaouls use of air freshening products can give the impression that you have something to hide! If there are odours that might be offputting they need to be addressed – any attempts to mask will set of buyers alarms and they might jump to the wrong conclusions (for example, you might be trying to mask last night’s cooking odours, but a but might assume the home smells damp or musty otherwise, which can indicate more serious issues)

Emotional Attachment to Home

Your sign says “For Sale”, but your demeanor doesn’t. It’s all very well going through the motions of selling a property, but if you aren’t ready to let go, believe us – it will show.

The process of detaching from a property needs to begin before your home even hits the market – home decor should be neutralised, personal effects put away, and cupboard decluttered with non essentials sent to storage.

By all means tell your viewers what great times you’ve enjoyed in the home, but don’t well up while you are doing it and don’t go into gory detail – house hunters need to see this home as THEIR FUTURE, not YOUR PAST.