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5 Good Reasons to Invest in Professional Property Photography

While some property marketing firms work closely with professional property photographers like us here at Photoplan, others will offer an in house service as part of their marketing package, with agents shooting interiors themselves, which can result in less than professional images for use in marketing materials

For sellers it can be tempting to simply go with the flow and accept the advice of the agent – but property photography is one area where you should not be willing to compromise if you want to create the best possible chance of selling your home.

“Well of course Photoplan is going to say that,” we hear you chorus – and yes, it’s true that property photography is an important area of our diverse property marketing business – but it is for this exact reason that we understand so well how crucial great images are to a marketing campaign as a whole. Here we look at five areas of the property marketing business that work infinitely better with professional property photography:

  • Property Brochures: If you are planning on investing in printed property marketing materials such as brochures or particulars, you will need to highest possible quality of pictures in order to get the most out of your print run. A professional photographer will deliver images in the right formats and resolutions for optimum print quality, meaning that your home will look its best in hard copy promotional literature.
  • Online Listings: With an estimated 90 per cent of house hunters making their initial enquiries online, images accompanying web listings must be eye catching and appealing. This isn’t just about showing the house as it is – it is about selling the house to potential purchasers. A professional property photographer will set up shots that make the most of your home for marketing purposes.
  • Property Microsites: If you are considering spending money on a dedicated microsite to market your property, then you will need slick images to accompany your bespoke design. Unprofessional snapshots will simply bring down the tone of your site and devalue your outlay. Photographers will also be aware of the need for a selection a shots – for example in landscape and portrait orientation – for web designers to choose from.
  • Property Videoettes: If you want to make use of sites such as YouTube to create an engaging videoette of your property marketing materials, then professional pictures are a must. All the slick editing in the world will not be able to disguise sub-par pictures.
  • Social Media Property Marketing: Social media as an element of home sales is growing fast, with online sharing an exciting weapon in the agent’s or independent seller’s arsenal. But what is it that people share? They share things that excite, inspire and evoke. If you are looking to create some real property linkbait, then aspirational images are the only way to go.