4K Property Video 

Buyers looking for a new property from overseas will be helped in their search by high definition property videos, an industry insider has claimed.

Entrepreneur Antony Waldorf told The Telegraph newspaper that interactive property videos with exceptional viewing quality could be the key to attracting buyers from abroad, and streamlining the purchase process for foreign investors.

New High Definition Property Video is Interactive

Speaking in advance of the launch of his latest release, a 4K property video with interactive capabilities, the businessman explained that the online access offered to homes for sale was a key part of attracting buyers from other countries, because most spend time online shortlisting homes to visit in person before travelling to the UK to conduct property viewings.

Virtual Tours Can Help Narrow Down Property Search

Mr Walfdorf told the newspaper that the typical homebuyer can expect to view an average of eight potential properties before they find the right one for them – but explained that by offering house hunters the option to walk-through using a high definition property video tool, the number of homes that actually need to be viewed in person can be cut significantly – saving time and effort for buyers who are already committing to travel from overseas to search for the perfect place.

Explaining his new tool virtual walkthrough he said: “We offer buyers the opportunity to fully view all the potential properties online so that they can select the two or three they are actually interested in.”