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Over the years, the selling of houses has developed into an accepted pseudo-science with which we are all familiar.

We know that certain things are supposed to increase our chance of achieving a sale, but these familiar techniques have become time worn.

As savvy buyers arrive at showings alert to all possible property marketing ploys, it is important that your attempts to promote the best points of your home do not backfire – since overly obvious efforts can put buyers on the backfoot.

With this in mind we’ve taken proven property marketing methods and given them a modern twist to ensure that viewers don’t feel fleeced by your efforts at enhancement!

1: Enticing aromas                                                              

Old: Property sellers used to swear by the smells of bread baking and coffee brewing – but these have become something of a cliché and can seem incongruous if these activities are not part of your normal routine..

New: Instead of filling your home with obvious odours, why not try the more subtle approach of home scenting. Use a combination of candles and diffusers to introduce more subtle scents that chime with the character of your home.

2: Decluttering

Old: It’s a recognised property marketing truth that stripping homes of their clutter makes them seem bigger, however buyers are savvy to this practice and if you take it too far you might accidentally take the heart out of your home.

New: Instead of a ruthless cull take a considered approach to items that could be considered clutter. Sort out items that coordinate well and make them a feature in your reorganised space – imagin you are staging your own home and have to do so using only the items already inside – this is a great way to repurpose your own possessions.

3: Depersonalisation

Old: The mantra says that buyers want to imagine themselves installed in your home, and won’t want any jarring reminders of your presence in the home when viewing. However, this flies in the face of more modern lifestyle property marketing which extols the virtues of selling people more than just a house…

New: While you will need to draw a line and be tasteful with your personal items, you may wish to include certain “social cues” in your home to hint at the lifestyle on offer to the eventual buyer. If you are showing your home in winter, a great photo of a summer BBQ with your garden in full bloom gives viewers additional information, while musical instruments and sports equipment can help hint at an aspirational lifestyle.

4: Neutralisation

Old: Estate agents will tell you that house hunters are seeking a blank canvas – but blank come often equal bland or boring.

New: Instead of presenting buyers with a room devoid of focus or colour, try using bold accents and accessories – adding splashes of colour that will illustrate the room’s potential but can be easily removed when you move.