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360 Virtual Tours Helping Hawaiians on the Road to Health

A Hawaiian health company is using virtual tours as a tool to help improve the health of the local people, it was revealed this week.

Health insurance provider Kaiser Permanente Hawaii has launched a state-wide initiative to promote health and fitness with the help of 360 virtual tours. The scheme allows employees of companies offering a healthcare plan from this provider the opportunity to take make virtual visits to some of the most interesting areas of their state as a reward for engaging in exercise and healthy activity.

360 Virtual Tours Used to Reward Healthy Habits

Each user of the ‘Thrive Across Hawaii’ programme must log in to the system and record data of the time spent on physical activity in the real world. The minutes are then converted into travel privileges allowing them access to 360 virtual tours of some of the state’s most stunning spots.

Users View Landscapes and Property Photography Online

The 360 virtual tours combine landscape and property photography to offer online access to all the area has to offer and all that users need to do in order to be able to view landmarks and sites of significance is continue to make healthy choices. Users are encouraged to form teams with workmates to compete to reach the end of the virtual tour trail, in the hopes that the experience will help them to form good health habits.

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii’s worksite wellness consultant Miki Arume said: “This program turns exercise and good nutrition into a social event that you can do with your friends at work.”