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360˚ Photography & Virtual Reality experiences are the Next Frontier in advertising and are all the rage at the moment. All it took for this explosion of VR was for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook to purchase Oculus Rift for an alleged, $1,000,000,000. Then suddenly the sheep effect went into maximum overdrive, In this particular instance, we were very happy about this crowd following.

Just in the last year alone searches for Virtual Reality on Google have increased four-fold – Yes, VR is being heralded as the next frontier in advertising, marketing, and storytelling. We know global search interest in VR grew nearly 4X over the last year alone.

So we decided to embark on a Research and Development period to further enhance our already stunning 360 Virtual Tours into ‘360 Virtual Experiences’.  We are very lucky to benefit from having a specialist in-house team of 360 experts who worked on every aspect of our service.  We are very pleased with what we have developed and can now integrate all of the following into our 360 Virtual Experiences.

Our 360 Virtual Experiences

  • Integrated Full Video inside the 360 Experience.
  • Interactive Google Maps inside the 360 Experience.
  • PDF Menus (Restaurants, Bars, Hotels)
  • Hotspot Information pop up’s
  • Textual readout explaining each space
  • General or custom contact/enquiry form for particular spaces or tables
  • PDF document info spots with ability to download/print
  • Links and Share to options throughout 360 Virtual Tour connecting to social media networks
  • Multiple View Points as illustrated in the image below – VR Headset, Mobile via The Magic Window and Desktop.


London Executive Offices – Michelin House