Batty Neighbours a Property Marketing Plus?
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Batty Neighbours a Property Marketing Plus?

Househunters with an eco-conscience looking for new homes in Kent will be pleased to hear that at least one builder is paying particular attention to the local environment – a move that could help property marketing efforts in this age of environmental awareness.

Builders Taylor Wimpey have decided that their Repton Park development in Ashford should be welcoming not only to new homeowners, but also to some of the original residents of the area – bats.

Bat Population Considered at Planning Stages

The housebuilding company, which committed to considerate construction, has taken the local bat population into account at the planning stages of the site development, ensuring that there are suitable habitats available on the site for the nocturnal neighbours. The wildlife friendly approach is likely to be helpful to property marketing for the new homes, since those choosing to live in the development are likely to be attracted to the area by its closeness to countryside and woodland habitats.

New residents on the development of two, three and four bedroom homes will live alongside a dedicated bat refuges, while loft spaces of non-residential structures on the site will be bat-friendly, with the addition of bat boxes at other spots on the site.

Property Marketing Professional Promises “Minimal Impact” on Environment

Taylor Wimpey regional sales and marketing director Jason stokes said: “We are keen to ensure that all of our new homes developments have a minimal impact on the environment and local wildlife habitats. We are doing all we can to accommodate our animal neighbours and we’re confident that these measures will mean our very own resident bats feel just as at home as the people.”



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