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3 Things You Should NEVER Say When Selling Your House

Letting go of a cherished home is a profound and often bittersweet journey, where nostalgia and memories can overshadow practicality. However, during home viewings, it’s essential to rein in these emotions, as an ill-considered remark could inadvertently derail a promising sale.

When the enticing images of your listing have successfully drawn in a buyer, it’s your moment to shine and ensure nothing you say dims the prospects of a sale.

To support you in this pivotal role, we’ve crafted an extensive guide outlining the verbal pitfalls to dodge as you guide potential buyers through the sanctum of your soon-to-be-former home.

Comprehensive Guide to Home Selling Etiquette: What to Withhold

  1. “We’re eagerly anticipating our next chapter”

While it’s obvious you’re poised for a move – the very reason your home is listed – a buyer’s dream is to find their forever home. They crave the illusion of permanence and perfection. Instead of expressing your own future plans, emphasize the years of contentment and the warmth this home has offered you, which will now pass onto them.

  1. “This house is drenched in family history – it’s witnessed our life’s milestones!”

Your home has been a vessel for your life’s events, but for buyers, it’s a blank canvas for their future. It’s crucial to keep the narrative focused on the neutral aspects of the home, much like you would present a pristine, impersonal bathroom. Avoid imbuing spaces, especially bedrooms, with personal anecdotes, and concentrate on their tranquillity and utility.

3.“Please overlook the disarray – we’ve outgrown the space!”

Clutter can be more than an eyesore; it can signal to buyers that the home lacks adequate storage, a significant deterrent. If your belongings are still in sight, resist the urge to blame a shortage of storage. Instead, opt for a strategic approach: declutter and pre-pack your non-essentials, utilizing storage solutions to present a home that appears spacious and orderly, ready to welcome a new owner’s life and belongings.

  1. “We’ve had our share of good parties here!”

While this might conjure up images of a lively and welcoming home, it can also hint at potential wear and tear from extensive entertaining. Instead, discuss the versatility of the space and its capacity to host gatherings, painting a picture of potential rather than past revelries.

  1. “We’ve never had the time to tackle that renovation”

Pointing out unfinished projects or renovations can plant seeds of doubt about the maintenance and care you’ve provided for the home. Rather than highlighting what hasn’t been done, draw attention to the home’s strengths and any improvements you have made. If there are areas awaiting a makeover, present them as opportunities for the new owners to infuse their style and make the space truly their own.

By carefully navigating the conversation, you ensure the spotlight remains on the aspirational aspects of your home, allowing buyers to envision their own future within its walls, free from the shadows of its past.


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