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3 Great Uses for Virtual Tours

As creators of top quality virtual tours for our clients, here at Photoplan we really understand the potential of this powerful marketing tool.

But far from being just a great way to market homes for sale, virtual tours have a wide range of exciting applications in an increasingly internet focused marketplace.

In fact, virtual tour technology is so versatile that we are almost certain you could be using it to promote YOUR business.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this list of three great uses for virtual tours and think again!

1 – Product Demo Virtual Tours

360 virtual tours are a great way to give the public online access to your products. And while traditionally you might think a virtual tour has to depict interior imagery (just as it does when the tour technology is applied to a property marketing purpose) virtual tours can in fact be created for a wide range of consumer products from shoes to sofas and much, much more. Exterior stills can be woven together to allow online shoppers to see your product from all angles, while video tours can be a great way of demonstrating functions over the internet.

2 – 360 Tours for Location Familiarisation

You don’t need to be selling people a property in order for a virtual tour to be useful to them. Any location that welcomes the public can benefit from allowing people to access virtual tours online.

Here at Photoplan we are able to create virtual tours for a wide range of organisations and establishments including:










Offering people the chance to familiarise themselves with your premises can have a positive influence on their decision making process when it comes to choosing between your products or services and those of a competitor.

3 – Virtual Tour Tech for Immersive Online Experience

Websites offering entertainment or educational tools can really up the ante for their online audience by adding virtual tour technology to their offerings. Using web video, professional photography or CAD technologies to enhance the user experience.

Virtual Visits Enhance Online Offerings

Whatever you are representing online, the likelihood is that your product or service could be better promoted or represented with the addition of virtual tours for your online audience.

A Photoplan spokesman explained: “Interactive imagery is so familiar to the online audience that it has become second nature to people to swipe their screen and expect a reaction from the imagery they are viewing.

“By providing the option of virtual tours, where viewers are able to use the internet to explore in depth whatever it is you have to offer, you are speaking to the consumers in a place that they feel comfortable and are therefore able to exercise a positive influence over their decision to purchase or participate.”

  • Do you think virtual tours could help to boost YOUR connection with the online consumer? Contact the Photoplan team now and we can help you create the perfect virtual tour for your internet audience.


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